Monday, 28 November 2011


Hai! Seronok bercuti? We ended stuck in the house as the rainy season is not suitable for me, I can easily catch a cold and fall sick- said Fatimah Maisarah. ;p 

Haih, boringnya. Esok dah nak kerja balik. Long holiday can make you feel not like doing anything right? Bermalasan tahap dewa. Enough said, just let the pictures do the talking. 

Boleh cari objek yang tidak di tempat sepatutnya? No, not the one with the blue dress, tapi penyapu itu! Stress bila jalan dan terpijak mainan. Hoho. Apesal ko tak kemas? - Marah diri sendiri sebab jadi ibu pemalas. 

Finally Muhammad Falah can make a 'peace' sign using one finger. LOL. He watched Garfield movie TWICE today. omg. I have to accept anything on Channel 611 (Astro Ceria) ONLY. Redho. Last week my children broke our DVD player! Semuanya rosakkkk. huhu. There goes our cinema time with the family. Layan Astro je laaa. 

Oh, to our surprise he managed to say his first word. 'SUSU'. Itu pun nampak susahhh sangat. But anyway, he tried. I feel so happy about this, as he shows some improvement. Thank you for all the prayers. 

This is one of my husband's passion. Bercucuk tanam. Look, the soil is  quite dry. Cuaca tidak menentu. Jumpa lagi objek tidak di tempat sepatutnya? Clever clever. 

Okeylah, this entry is just to update the blog only. hehe. Bye from our precious!. 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I wish....

I believe most of us have dreams / wish. Tak kisahla angan-angan kahwin dengan anak raja lepas tengok cerita kartun cinderella ke, apa ke. Janji ia adalah angan-angan or cita-cita. Kan best kalau terjumpa lampu ajaib. 

errr... boleh tak nak genie yang lebih handsome dan kacak? Baru la ada feel nak wish. Dahla bagi 3 je wish. *tamak

Anyway, I have a looooootttttttt of wishes. For me, they must be achievable, reasonable and beneficial (must have a good reason to achieve that something). Okey, let's start with wish no. 1

No. 1. Kahwin
Done. ;p (ini cita-cita semua orang kottt). But I believe everybody (especially girls, of course) have their dream wedding. Mesti ada punya, Jangan tipu. 

sekadar hiasan. Not my dream wedding. ;p

But please, before getting married make sure you are ready not just physically. I hate to see a headline ( a few months ago) "Mat rempit dan isteri tinggalkan bayi sendirian di rumah". 

Next, No. 2 of course la having children
okey, ini dalam proses. We are so blessed to have 2 children right now. Being parents is not easy, but it is fun in a way. I am thankful that Allah grant us this one wish. *emo tiba-tiba.

Next.... a home
This wish is also done. But I really need help in the decoration part. hehe;p

actually these two photos are taken a few days after we move in. Sekarang ni sila jangan bayangkan. Ohhhh right now I want a condominiummmmm. With swimming pools and gymnasium. Bestnyaaaaaaa. But my husband said "ala, takde tanah". Macamla rumah ko sekarang luas terbentang tanahnya? 

Oh yes, I love handphones. After my blackberry is broken (sobs!), I wish to have a new blackberry. No more iphone. huhuhu~  Sekarang susah nak bermuka buku dah. Boringggggg. 

no. 4 Savings
I wish I have enough savings when I have retired and who knows, one day I decided to quit working. That can only happen when I have enough money in my account. Remember women, don't rely everything on your husband. Plan ahead. Bukan nak mintak benda buruk berlaku, but 'sediakan oayung sebelum hujan'. 

This wish is far from my reach. But I believe it is achievable. Insyaallah. 

No. 5. I hope I don't die as a fat woman. Diet diet diet diet. But it is not easy now as my metabolism is getting low and it sucks. That's why I need to go to the gym? *alasan. Condo. Batuk batuk batuk. 


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