Monday, 28 November 2011


Hai! Seronok bercuti? We ended stuck in the house as the rainy season is not suitable for me, I can easily catch a cold and fall sick- said Fatimah Maisarah. ;p 

Haih, boringnya. Esok dah nak kerja balik. Long holiday can make you feel not like doing anything right? Bermalasan tahap dewa. Enough said, just let the pictures do the talking. 

Boleh cari objek yang tidak di tempat sepatutnya? No, not the one with the blue dress, tapi penyapu itu! Stress bila jalan dan terpijak mainan. Hoho. Apesal ko tak kemas? - Marah diri sendiri sebab jadi ibu pemalas. 

Finally Muhammad Falah can make a 'peace' sign using one finger. LOL. He watched Garfield movie TWICE today. omg. I have to accept anything on Channel 611 (Astro Ceria) ONLY. Redho. Last week my children broke our DVD player! Semuanya rosakkkk. huhu. There goes our cinema time with the family. Layan Astro je laaa. 

Oh, to our surprise he managed to say his first word. 'SUSU'. Itu pun nampak susahhh sangat. But anyway, he tried. I feel so happy about this, as he shows some improvement. Thank you for all the prayers. 

This is one of my husband's passion. Bercucuk tanam. Look, the soil is  quite dry. Cuaca tidak menentu. Jumpa lagi objek tidak di tempat sepatutnya? Clever clever. 

Okeylah, this entry is just to update the blog only. hehe. Bye from our precious!. 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I wish....

I believe most of us have dreams / wish. Tak kisahla angan-angan kahwin dengan anak raja lepas tengok cerita kartun cinderella ke, apa ke. Janji ia adalah angan-angan or cita-cita. Kan best kalau terjumpa lampu ajaib. 

errr... boleh tak nak genie yang lebih handsome dan kacak? Baru la ada feel nak wish. Dahla bagi 3 je wish. *tamak

Anyway, I have a looooootttttttt of wishes. For me, they must be achievable, reasonable and beneficial (must have a good reason to achieve that something). Okey, let's start with wish no. 1

No. 1. Kahwin
Done. ;p (ini cita-cita semua orang kottt). But I believe everybody (especially girls, of course) have their dream wedding. Mesti ada punya, Jangan tipu. 

sekadar hiasan. Not my dream wedding. ;p

But please, before getting married make sure you are ready not just physically. I hate to see a headline ( a few months ago) "Mat rempit dan isteri tinggalkan bayi sendirian di rumah". 

Next, No. 2 of course la having children
okey, ini dalam proses. We are so blessed to have 2 children right now. Being parents is not easy, but it is fun in a way. I am thankful that Allah grant us this one wish. *emo tiba-tiba.

Next.... a home
This wish is also done. But I really need help in the decoration part. hehe;p

actually these two photos are taken a few days after we move in. Sekarang ni sila jangan bayangkan. Ohhhh right now I want a condominiummmmm. With swimming pools and gymnasium. Bestnyaaaaaaa. But my husband said "ala, takde tanah". Macamla rumah ko sekarang luas terbentang tanahnya? 

Oh yes, I love handphones. After my blackberry is broken (sobs!), I wish to have a new blackberry. No more iphone. huhuhu~  Sekarang susah nak bermuka buku dah. Boringggggg. 

no. 4 Savings
I wish I have enough savings when I have retired and who knows, one day I decided to quit working. That can only happen when I have enough money in my account. Remember women, don't rely everything on your husband. Plan ahead. Bukan nak mintak benda buruk berlaku, but 'sediakan oayung sebelum hujan'. 

This wish is far from my reach. But I believe it is achievable. Insyaallah. 

No. 5. I hope I don't die as a fat woman. Diet diet diet diet. But it is not easy now as my metabolism is getting low and it sucks. That's why I need to go to the gym? *alasan. Condo. Batuk batuk batuk. 

Sunday, 30 October 2011


We (my husband and I) have been worried so much as Falah, our son can't say a word even he is now 2 years and 9 months old. sigh. We managed to see a doctor, but he said some toddler might have a problem, and some might be too lazy to talk. He advised us to wait until Falah is 3 years++. "give him some time"

Muhammad Falah, Abah dan Ibu sayang Falah sangat. 

So, we will wait. But, for the meantime kenalah ada usaha sikit kan. Everyday we talk with Falah, konon nak ajak dia chit chat. He replies with his alien words again. huhh. Nevermind. We decided to see Harun Din at Bangi. Untuk berjumpa beliau, syaratnya adalah kena solat Subuh di sana. okey okey*bersemangat.

A few days ago, I watched Malaysia Hari Ini and they discussed a topic on 'Dyslexia'. Children who have problems in learning at school. Can't read properly and always labelled as 'playful'.

One of the symptom: late talkers. omg. T_T. Seriously, I cried.

Google2 pasal dyslexia, jumpa site ni.
Mereka kata orang popular juga ramai dislexic. Believe me, I'm not happy with this. Cuma mahu supaya anak2 adalah normal seperti yang lain. 

Please pray for my son too. 

Gembira main dua orang. 

Friday, 28 October 2011

iphone 4S for Free?

I'm sure this gadget/phone is in everybody's wishlist. I watched a review about iphone 4S and read a comment about how he get the phone for FREE? is it for real?????

ohhh i'm in love with this phone. It will much faster and durable than my iPhone 3G. And learning from my experience, Blackberry is more fragile. 

For free, just click the link at the top right corner of this blog to find out. I'm not sure if it is a scam, because I'm just buta IT. hehehhe. 

Anyhow, how I wish my husband will give this phone as a birthday present. huhuhu~ (hubby, if you read this). 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Real Princesses

All young girls love Disney Princesses and hope to be just like them. Pretty, kind, sing beautiful songs, always have animal friends..and the best thing is, of course THE HANDSOME PRINCE! awww... We also love the common ending, "Happily ever after". 

I never imagined them now, in real life, not at far far away kingdom or whatsoever. I stumbled across these pictures and hey,love them so much! 

Cinderella have to take a cab to the castle.

Rapunzel diagnosed with cancer? What a waste.

Red Riding Hood on her way to grandma's house. McDonald's, the fast food you can easily grab on.

Finally, this one is my favourite.


Snow White with her little dwarfs! LOL

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Anybody Is a Fan of Ombak Rindu?

Really. I am not a fan of love novels. I only have a few, to be exact only two. Yona Yoni and errrr.... tak ingat. haha. But my sister has a tonne of novels, and even make me read a few, and gives review on every novels she read. 

Of course I said to her "bagi aku baca yang best je". She handed me a novel by Fauziah Ashari, OMBAK RINDU. I read the novel and stopped only to eat, take a bath, membuang, etc. Hoh memang addictive. Love it to the max! 

Who are going to watch this Ombak Rindu movie? Jeles. I hope they did better than Lagenda Budak Setan movie. The feeling of reading the novel itself is much wayyyyyy better than its movie. A bit disappointing. 

Once again, Lisa Surihani. I love her. And Aaron. Sesuaiiii dengan watak Hariz. Errr...Ada sapa2 nak belanja tengok wayang? =P

Stages of Marriage and CoffeMate

I have wrote about this topic before, just to check our progress :p

  • Romance/Honeymoon Stage:

Of course we passed this stage, hehe. No need to elaborate. 

  • Reality Stage : 
This stage is challenging for the newly-weds, as you will learn the 'true colour' of your soul mate. the good one and the bad one. it is very crucial to accept the other party's weaknesses and try to change to a better wife/husband. We succeeded this stage! yeayyy!

  • Child-bearing Sub-stage: 
We are at this stage now. The arrival of children may increase stress level among couples. The financial, responsibility, etc. Janganla semua isteri saja yang jaga. Lainlah isteri ko tu Supermak macam Nasha Aziz tu kannn. Give and take is a must. 

  • Accommodation Stage : Belum sampai
  • Success Stage: Lama lagi nak sampai. InsyaAllah. 

I noticed an app of Coffee Mate in facebook, here Being super boring, I join this application and had fun!

 Actually this app is to make a video of you and your loved one, just like Coffee Mate and coffee, lovers complete each other, right?

okey, choose whether you want to dedicate the video to sayang, manja, darling, mama, papa, okey okey got it right? I chose sayang. =)

This stage you have to choose if you just want a vocal, or vocal + drums, etc. 

 Just follow the steps and here you are with the video! Have fun!

I hope we can reach the SUCCESS STAGE. and complete each other just like Coffee Mate. Feeling2 letak gambar kahwin? 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

What I Missed The Most About My Previous Company

I was employed in a College at Selangor in 2007.  I have spent more than 4 years in the college and have shared precious times and experiences with all my colleagues and students. Of course, there are also bad experiences, but I don't feel to talk about it. I just want to focus to the sweet one. ;)

Believe me, I love all my students so much. That's why I am being 'emak emak'. Membebel je, tak penat penat. 

First day at the College, I met Kak Nora, Wahab, Manjit and of course Lisia. Kak Nora is my senior at UPM, but she graduated before my first semester at UPM. She always buy me breakfast. Tiba-tiba "Nah, nasi lemak lauk paru." Terharu okeyy. She even help me to develop course notes, MIP and tutorials. 

She always treat me as her own little sister. She always says hi through emails, sms, etc. I love you, Sis. 

Kak Nora. Gambar culik dari facebook. Aci tak? 

After she gets a better offer and decided to leave the college and me (sobs!), Kak Roszita introduced herself to us as the new lecturer. yeay! She's also my sister, just like Kak Nora. She always put her money at her desk and leave it just like that. One day, duit kami kena rampok sama satu perempuan. Ciss bedebah si pencuri itu. I wonder if Kak Ros still remember her 'student kesayangan'. SJ. hehehe.

Once again imported from facebook. Hahaha.

Nurrul Fariza and Nazariah always being generous and kind, cooked something special for us. I missed Fariza's delicious Kuey Teow Goreng.  Shahril my  helpful assistant for Examination Unit, hehe I owe him Ringgit Malaysia ?.00. Asyik lupa je..Tengok, ada scandalous pada gambar ini. =)

Not in the picture: En Din. Our Head of Academic and my big brother. He likes to bring buah-buahan tempatan to the office until the Building Manager gives us a MEMO. Tak sporting langsung. Well after hours giving lecturers, having something to munch is a heaven.

How I missed to see them queue for Coverall Day every Monday in bright blue coveralls! And of course Col Samat's long speech. LOL

I left the college after I met my other sister, Kak Rosnah. She is a soft spoken type of person. Being a hard working lecturer, you will always catch a glimpse of her reading lecture notes as you passed by our room. even she have read the notes 100 times. 

See? Reading + explaining with dedication. 

What is missed the most? Gossiping session! hihi

Merenung masa depan di kala hujan. tak ingat patung siapakah ini? 

Congratulations Diana Atsukuru and Kheri

Two days ago,  I found out my ex-room mate at UPM, Dd have given birth to a baby boy. so I decided to pay her a visit. Can't wait to see 'si kecik'. Sure sangat comel! I asked my other ex-room mate, Pae to come along but she has some personal stuff to take care of. I haven't seen them for so many years. So jahat of me! Rindu rindu dendam.

muhammad falah sempat main nyorok2 dengan adiknya sebelum bertolak. heehee.

here we are on our way to Dd's house. She gave us  a few landmarks to her house. With the help of Papago! GPS we managed to arrived safely. But of course kena call Dd dulu tanya dia mana rumahnya. And Dd's husband being sooo specific, siap tunjuk arah "sampai lepas rumah sampah, belok kanan, " hehe. 

Her house is so big! Love it! She looks tired and a bit weak. Yalah, being a mommy is not easy okey! (men, please read this). We just have a few chit chat session about her experience delivering the cute little angel. Tak sempat borak panjang2.

he is soo adorable! Dd just called him 'bb'. Nama rahsia/belum ada?. Tunggu sampai hari ke 7. hmmm suddenly rasa nak ada baby lagi. hehehe. 

Ala tak sempat ambik gambar dengan Dd. She is still sweet as ever. Next time, kita ambil gambar banyak2 okie.... This time with husband and children. Bestnya.
Anyway, Dd and Kheri congrats on your  newborn!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Coret2 si pelupa

Salam. Ceritanya nak sign in blog lama tapi tak boleh sebab lupa password. OMG. Lepas bersalin maisarah aku memang jadi spesies pelupa, Kronik jugak. Sampai kunci kereta tertinggal kat kantin. password for applestore pun aku lupa. So tak bole install anything dah. T_T. Laki aku cakap "jangan lupa jalan balik rumah sudah" .. itu aku tak lupa la, kecualiiii si suami buat hal yang membengangkan keeeee. *tiba tiba

Actually i have been 'working' as a housewife-with-two-children for two months. i have resign from my previous company before raya and will start at new place this 1st november. of course i am feeling super duper nervous, macam2 main kat kepala, like "macam mana kalau kawan2 tak best?" or "macam mana kalau bos menbencikan" or "what if i can't meet their expectation?" but this is something that i have to go through. takkan nak stuck at one place sampai bila2 kan?

last week i experienced (once again) sakit perempuan disebabkan anak daraku itu berhenti menyusu badan secara tiba2 dengan sendirinya. wallllaahhhh satu malam tak boleh tidur and suddenly aku menangis, *ngada ngada. haha. lama okeyy nak baik. nasib baiklah tengah tak kerja. but still, all the house chores have to be done by who else if not me? T_T

eh kenapa i feeling2 tulis campur2 malay english ni. maaf ye, nanti company baru ni boss cina, so i feel like practising sikit lah.  okeylah nak la letak gambar sikit-sikit. Nah ambik ko. 

 this is fatimah maisarah, anak daraku yang sudah pandai cium pipi, tepuk tangan, mintak makanan. tapi kurus? metabolisme tinggi kot. ade ke baby metabolisme tinggi?*alasan.  ok tunggu end of this month timbang berat lagi.

falah being lazy on bed. hehe. kesian. abah dia tak approve dia tidur atas katil sebab dia tidur sangat lasak. 

tengok si baju oren tu, macam joyah tengah surf gossip artis je. 

suami selama 3 tahun sekarang. 

  • husband aku ni sangat penyabar. ko pesan dia beli barang, tup2 bila dah balik, "alamak bang lupa la cili kering da habis", dia cool je "takpe, jap lagi abang gi beli". 
  • dia ni lactose intolerance. Macam tu la bunyinya kott. kalau dia minum susu tiba2 tu, faham2 je la dia ade masalah nak membuang. "tidak perlu lagi julap" -iklan susu.
  • kalau sakit kesabaran dia hilang. don't ask anything, nanti dia marah. Diam je. Diam. Diam. hehe *terbayang kalau dah tua nanti kena marah jaga suami yang sakit, kena baling pinggan, dulang, etc.    Tula suka sangat tengok cerita nangis2!

p/s: tu imaginasi je, tak baik berprasangka buruk kat suami. 


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